Queen Fuckery Travel Napper Set
Queen Fuckery Travel Napper Set

Queen Fuckery Travel Napper Set

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The Queen takes no Fuchichi unless fabulous. Rest your pretty eyes and dream big in the Queen Fuchichi Napper. These delightful treats are made from rose petals and sustainable viscose blend . Backed in organic cotton they have an important filter pocket to add hemp filters.

These removable hand beaded tassels can clip onto any of our Tassel turbans too. 

Hand embroidered at lady owned factory in India responsible for the bead work of the Couture collections.

All masks come in a beautiful gift box making an ideal gift keeping then safe and fabulous.

Currently available for pre -order with deliveries mid March.

Please add hemp filters or wear over medical grade mask.

Thanks to your support we have donated over 4500 PPE.

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