Charity Turban Donations

 Julia Clancey is partnering with The Foundation for Living Beauty in the United States, a charity dedicated to empowering and supporting women battling cancer and the Hello Beautiful Foundation in the UK, a cancer charity that addresses the challenges of cancer and emphasizes the importance of non-toxic
In this partnership, Julia has pledged to donate a luxurious turban to the foundations with every online
turban full price purchase. This initiative blends fashion with philanthropy, highlighting Julia's commitment to celebrating beauty, strength, and resilience.
Recognized for her glamorous and whimsical designs, Julia introduces this collaboration as a testament to the power of community and compassion. Understanding the profound journey women with cancer navigate, Clancey's initiative aims to wrap them in elegance and comfort, offering a piece
of luxury during their most challenging times .It's more than just a turban; its a symbol of solidarity, a crown of courage. When someone faces adversity, the smallest gesture of kindness can have a monumental impact says Julia, “By infusing beauty and grace into their lives, we can uplift spirits
and remind these remarkable women of their inherent strength and resilience.
This collaboration invites customers to participate in a movement celebrating the indomitable spirit of women facing cancer. By choosing a Julia Clancey turban, they are embracing unparalleled style and extending a hand of support, enabling both foundations to continue their vital work.
Nancy Davidson, Executive Director of The Foundation for Living Beauty, expresses  "Each turban purchased and donated to Living Beauty represents a circle of support and the spirit of giving back."
This sentiment underscores the profound impact of community support. Davidson continues, Together, we can uplift and empower women on their journey with cancer through beauty, strength, and connection. The Foundation for Living Beauty acknowledges the immense significance of Julia Clancey's generous   commitment. With a reach extending to over 1,800 women across 48 states and three countries, The Foundation for Living Beauty stands as a beacon of hope and healing. Their dedication lies in providing comprehensive wellness and support services to women at every stage of their cancer journey. From transformative retreats to enlightening seminars and camaraderie-building gatherings, Living Beauty offers a haven of support entirely free of charge.
Further elaborating on the sentiment, Jane Hutchison, founder of the Hello Beautiful Foundation,
emphasises, “Julia's generous donation of turbans to the Hello Beautiful Foundation will undoubtedly make a significant impact. Having modern and stylish headwear can truly boost the confidence of women undergoing cancer treatment, helping them feel beautiful and empowered despite the challenges they face. Hosting workshops to teach women how to tie their headwear in unique styles
will not only provide practical skills but also create a supportive and empowering environment where they can connect and learn from each other. Julia's contributions will undoubtedly be appreciated by many.”

Founded in 2013 by Jane Hutchison following her own battle with Breast Cancer, the Hello Beautiful Foundation aims to destigmatise cancer discussions and  promote healing. Utilising art and art therapy, the foundation launched awareness  campaigns highlighting ;Beauty in Change, showcasing the raw realities of cancer with elegance and providing education and collaboration opportunities with charities and organisations working to transform the cancer landscape.


The Foundation for Living Beauty The Foundation for Living Beauty is a non-profit organisation committed to educating, uplifting and empowering women with cancer. Living Beauty fosters a community of support and healing for women in all stages of their cancer journey through a wide array of free services, including wellness retreats, educational seminars, and sisterhood-building events.

Instagram: livingbeautyorg

The Hello Beautiful Foundation The Hello Beautiful Foundation is a UK Cancer prevention charity. They emphasise a non-toxic lifestyle, promoting mindfulness, nutrition, the benefits of a vegan diet and social responsibility to combat cancer. They aim to create a world free from diseases like cancer through exhibits, talks, and campaigns.

Instagram: hbcanceru